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The Regency Express Co. Ltd. (TRE) trail blazes the entire logistics industry, offering a myriad of services, covering the entire cycle of freight distribution, end-to-end management, and intelligent cargo processing. As such, clients can enjoy stress-free logistics, allowing key managers to focus more on company development and other business processes.

Leave it all to TRE for optimum cargo handling by air, land or sea, assistance in other areas of logistics and distribution, and other value-added services for a complete solution you will not find in any other service provider in the market.

The Regency Express offers:
and other value added services .

The best thing about TRE is that we are willing to listen. We want to know what you need. In this regard, we would offer the kind of services necessary to keep your company in tip-top shape, with on-time logistics solutions that would keep your operations running smoothly.

Among other providers, TRE is here as your long-standing partner for success, whatever your needs may be in the short term or in the distant future.

We are willing to help in any way we can.

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